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Wind power has proved to be the most economical kind of renewable energy.

The wind industry has developed into a mature industry, and a substantial expansion of wind power is expected to continue worldwide.

Aided by subsidies and favourable political climates in certain countries there is now a basis for establishing a number of highly profitable wind power projects.

INTERTEC WIND A/S’ strategy is to
support the expansion of wind power
through the development of profitable wind projects.

The development will take place
partly as our own development, and partly by purchasing projects under development.

Strategies will be implemented in cooperation with local partners and an extensive network of specialists within a wide range of fields.

INTERTEC WIND A/S’ core competences include all activities within project development, e.g.:

identification of suitable projects
conclusion of agreements
project/site optimisation/engineering
environmental studies
applications for permissions
project management
financing models.

Italy has been INTERTEC WIND A/S' main market for a number of years. Within a few years, our market activities will expand, both in Europe and in selected countries outside Europe.

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